Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is a crucial part of ethics in our law firm. As a responsible organization, we consider and recognize the impact that our decisions and activities have on the society and environment and we take the right behaviour in a manner which positively contributes to the lasting development, health and prosperity of the community.
We are dedicated to building stronger communities by local partnerships which influence people’s lives. As lawyers, we understood to use our talent and work in order to serve those who need them in our community. We understood to support the organizations promoting the development of disadvantaged youth and women in need, through charitable donations and sponsorships.
We participated in a variety of service projects and volunteer initiatives which enrich the lives of the people around and we continue to expand our initiatives in creative ways which allow us to make longlasting contributions for the community.


The pro bono and volunteer activities were carried out for several non-governmental organizations, among which we mention the association Junior Chamber International Craiova, which activates for the creation of development opportunities for the youth, with the purpose of producing positive changes in the community they live in. Besides that, we sought effective solutions to current issues in order to create a better future for the community we live in.


We share the values of Junior Chamber International:
1. Belief and immaterialism – the belief that life means more than the acquisition of material goods; realization of the importance of compassion and altruism;
2. Fraternity, a sense of community membership;
3. Free initiative, economic and social justice;
4. Importance of individuality – each person must have the chance to develop their skills;
5. Responsibility to a society – we ought to also help others develop in order to achieve positive changes in the society we live in.