Medical GDPR

31 ian. 2021

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) recognizes the health data as being a special category of data. Although the innovative principles introduced by the GDPR remain relevant and also applicable to the health data, there are also specific guarantees regulated for the personal health data, in order to allow an effective and comprehensive protection. The processes which promote innovation and medical assistance of a better quality, such as clinical studies, need strong guarantees for data protection in order to maintain the patients’ trust in the rules meant to protect their data. The personal health data should include all the data referring to the health condition of a person concerned which reveal information about the past, current or future physical or mental health of the person concerned.
Besides the assessment and implementation of the procedures necessary for the personal data protection, DPO and monthly consultancy GDPR-related, we provide consultancy for the personnel training, together with trainers accredited in the field, and we collaborate with system engineers to provide consultancy with regard to the anonymization and security of data.

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