Our Vision

We consider that the practice of law is not limited to litigations.

We believe that the good-faith resides in the essence of humanity, and the actions of the people are directed towards the satisfaction of specific human needs. Nevertheless, the Romanian legislation, in places excessive, in places lacunary, is unpredictable, in permanent revision and not always drawn up in the spirit of the common sense and custom. This is of nature to create shortcomings and disagreements which generate conflicts in the social relations.

From our professional experience, knowing the law became a simple presumption not actually covered in reality, and the sanction of ignorance of the legislation is much too severe in relation to the excessive volume of current legislative regulations.

That is why our mission is to act, first of all, as consultants and advisors of our clients, with regard to the impact standards in the field of expertise, ensuring the necessary safety for carrying out the current activities, whether we talk about economic operators in the implementation, effectively and accurately, of the business strategies, of practitioners in the medical field, other professionals or, purely and simply, any natural person, so that they avoid or reduce to a minimum  the costs of a litigation.
We believe in a society of the future with less litigation, with intuitive and predictable legislation. Until then the lawyer’s role is essential.

We believe that a correctly informed society is a protected society and we are committed to working in support of these principles in the activity that we carry out and in the cases we support.