With extensive experience in numerous aspects relative to the commercial issues, we understood the need of businesspeople and advisors to be up-to-date with the legislative novelties and with the latest solutions in commercial matters. Since our current activity concerns, mainly, the enterprises and the businesspeople, we meet their needs, by the free-of-charge presentation and for exclusive information purposes of the legal novelties, so that the entrepreneurs are able to adopt solutions regarding the structure of their business, the negotiation and the implementation of trade agreements for the achievement of the business objectives short or long-term.


This information is presented free-of-charge, for information purposes. It must not be interpreted or invoked as being legal advice or for creating a lawyer-client relationship. Readers must not act in accordance with this information without asking for advice from professionals.

Information for entrepreneurs, partners or managers of trading companies, in order to stay up-to-date with the current legislative reality

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