Considering the necessity of knowing the basic notions about the current legislation in the medical field, the professional rights and obligations, and also the conditions for the malpraxis liability, through our constant activity we intend:
– To synthesize and to provide relevant information, thorough preparation in the medical law, by the introduction of concepts of medical legislation and concepts of legal liability of the medical staff
– To offer the practitioners in the healthcare sector information about the legal environment of their activity which provides them with certainty in the conduct of their current activities

The information is intended to allow the doctors to identify the vulnerabilities of the medical practice in front of the potential malpraxis accusations and to diminish the professional risks, to avoid the situations of medical malpraxis and, if they are produced, to reduce the extend of the damage produced and to allow those who coordinate the medical activities in clinics or hospital units to identify and to generate solutions for the protection of the healthcare units against liability for damages.

This information is presented free of charge, for educational purposes, from a desire to contribute to the development of safe and legally compliant medical practices.

Counseling and specialized support for medical doctors, medical staff and health facilities in matters connected with medical liability, labour law, taxation and GDPR in the medical field.

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