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23 ian. 2021

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Companies that offer business consulting, accounting services and business solutions develop lasting relationships with law firms, relationships that are based on personal and institutional trust. Offering legal services, especially in the commercial and fiscal field, we enjoyed close relationships both based on trust and contractually regulated. Clients have consulted on the legislation and its interpretation, in order to more easily discern the legal boundaries and the risks associated with misinterpretations.

Most clients have outsourced their legal activities because they have found it unprofitable to hire enough in-house lawyers to meet the various needs of companies, and the needs for legal advice and assistance have been met through our legal services. Through our professional experience, we have identified potential problems and we have developed, with maximum competence and thoroughness, lasting legal solutions.
Among the legal services offered, we mention:
– commercial consulting – from consulting in corporate matters, to drafting contracts and negotiating commercial clauses, to dissolving commercial companies
– consulting with regard to labor relations
– tax consultancy
– evaluation and implementation of the personal data privacy policy (GDPR)
– legal representation before the courts of law.