In our activity, we committed ourselves to working in the spirit of understanding and accepting the differences among human beings, including those related to race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, disabilities and sexual orientation.
The opening to diversity expands our access to the best resources. Inclusion allows us to employ talent in an effective manner. Together, these lead to an increased innovation, creativity, productivity, reputation, involvement and results.
We appreciate the diversity among our partners and clients and we have been involved in the community where we live and work for a long time.


In 2020, our office succeeded in obtaining, in a court of law, the recognition of the gender identity contrary to the one recorded in the identity document and the revision of the mentions regarding gender in the civil status documents. The judgement of the case took place in a meeting without the presence of the public, without the identification of the case subject on the portal or on the court door, taking into consideration the risks that the plaintiff would be subjected to stigmatisation, harassment and discrimination.